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BarMax, iPad

iPad arrival means BarMax begins

The best visual reference I can offer between BarMax and BarBri is in the difference between the box that arrived addressed to me and the one that arrived addressed to my roommates. If I was doing BarMax on an iPod the box would have been even smaller.

Setting up my iPad starts with downloading the BarMax app from iTunes. Upon opening the app, I’m prompted to register and told I will receive an email packet of goodies that includes outlines and such. No candy or gym bags with these guys and that’s fine by me if it keeps the costs down. I’m now asked for the date I wish to start bar study. I make my pick and the calendar breaks down my day by day study schedule. I see Day 1 is my introduction lecture. After taking a few minutes to flip through the different sections of the app I see how seamless the program is and how easy BarMax is to navigate. From lectures I can go to flashcards and pick the question type (not answered, correctly answered, etc) and the content category.

While perusing the iPad  with my fingers my email notifies me that the BarMax welcome packet has arrived. The zip file has everything you could want for those that like the actual touch and feel of paper when taking notes, outlining, or taking practice tests. These guys really did think of everything.

I flip back to the calendar and decide to start the intro lecture and all I have to do is tap that item on my calendar and it takes me straight to the lecture. While listening I’m able to follow along with the outline staring back at me on the screen. I can also print out any of the outlines in full or just print a skeleton outline that I can use to take notes on. The Intro lecturer tells me this is because BarMax wants you to study in a way that works best for you. I like that. Is it weird that I’m excited to get started with the crimes lecture already?



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