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A rare ukulele sighting

Today I decided to hit the local coffee shop to continue going through my lecture. I won’t tell you if it was Peets, Starbucks, or an independent shop so as not to skew your view of me as a person. From what I hear, you can tell alot about a person from the coffee shop they frequent. Well needless to say, I arrived with iPad and headphones in tow. I ordered my beverage and sat down.

And just as I was about to begin the audio lecture, I glanced outside to see a man practicing his ukulele. Not something you see everyday and thanks to the iPad camera I was able to capture the moment. Back to my headphones, I bunkered down for a good 6 hours and was able to work through the day’s material with 80% battery life to spare. The BarMax lectures allow you to pause, shut down, or even open  another app and still come right back to where you left off. These types of user-friendly components come in handy when needing to take a bathroom break or when ordering another latte. And let’s not forget the free ukulele soundtrack I was privileged enough to have. Albeit muffled with the sounds of the coffeeshop and road outside.



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