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Balancing it all

It was a long week of reviewing material and I’m just coming up for air. It’s unlike law school study in so many regards. If you’re doing this you know what I mean and you can skip to the next paragraph. If you’re a layperson (and that includes 1Ls), the main difference is law school professors focus more on case law, trying to teach us how to “think” like lawyers. Bar exam study focuses on helping us memorize the black letter law. The exam expects us to know the law and apply it to a set of facts either as part of an essay or multiple-choice question. And did I mention we have to memorize law for 13 different subjects in 8 weeks.

So I’m plowing through property (pun intended) and contracts, classes I took 2 years ago. Eventually I’ll have to face trusts, wills, estates, remedies, and marital property, classes I did NOT take during school. BarMax does a good job of condensing and organizing the material fairly well. The outlines keep things concise, the mnemonics are easy to remember and the professors voicing the audio lectures supplement with examples very well. You get a good base of understanding doing this and can then proceed to the flashcards, MBE questions and essays.

It’s essentially the same overall setup my roommates are working with. Lectures and outlines, flashcards and practice questions. However, they have long outlines and short mini review outlines to go through. I think they’ve both chosen to put the long outlines to the side and are focusing on the shorter outlines. It’s simply too much material to cover in the time we are given to prep for the exam.

Both of my roommates have also stopped going to the classroom lectures, so we are all now on a similar study schedule. We all work “remotely” either listening to lectures, doing practice questions, or writing sample essay answers. So when I head out to the library or coffeeshop I grab my iPad and a pen. One of my roommates rides his bike to school (when it’s not 100 degrees out) and loads up his laptop, BarBri books, flashcards and more.

(Not an actual picture of my roommate, but an impressive balancing act nonetheless.)





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