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Bar Exam

The basics

There are so many bar exam study tips, blogs, posts and sites out there that I don’t really feel the need to spout of tips on studying. Except I think this one is worthwhile in sharing. Everyone I know that is studying for the bar is treating it with the significance it deserves, but as we tick down to the final month, many of them are starting to show the effects of the pressure. I’ve even had a few tell me they already expect to fail in July and retake in January. These are smart people, that did well in school and are paying big bucks for a prep course telling me this.

It’s in these moments that I try to get them to breathe and recognize that they have the ability to pass the test. They just need to focus on the basics until this is all over. So courtesy of The Lawyerist, I present “The Basics” and ask that you enjoy the fireworks occurring outside of your brain. Take a day off to enjoy the long weekend with friends, while sitting outside, with maybe a beer, glass of wine, or diet cherry coke.



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