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It’s not fun for anyone

I managed to see a group of classmates over the holiday weekend for the first time since graduation. It was a nice change of pace and refreshing to do something that made me feel like a normal person for a change. We kept talk of bar exam study brief as everyone was looking to make the day a total escape, but I was really surprised to hear about half of them don’t go to the in-class lectures anymore. I can’t imagine sitting in class over the summer is fun. I’m addicted to outdoor cafes, but bar study isn’t fun period. Nobody enjoys doing this regardless of how the material is handed to you. I mean take a quick minute to read what happened at Cal a few years ago.

For more examples, take a stroll on Twitter to see what folks are saying. Do a search for “bar exam” or “BarBri” and you’ll get the most action. “Bar study” comes up with some interesting results that have nothing to do with the exam. Anyway, I’ve included some of my favorites below.

“Gee, if there’s one thing I love, it’s 2 hour classes dragged out to be 4 hours.”

“You know the bar exam is slowly killing you when you resent your dog for being able to sleep all day.”

“Sitting in a classroom watching a 60 year old man play with Legos = #barbri is officially the world’s worst summer camp.”

“I think I’m going to stay in bed and read all day and pretend that the bar exam does not exist. Yup.”

“#Barbri from home is so much better – get done sooner and get on with the studying for my day.”



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