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Getting down to the last few weeks of bar study. As with everything else I can’t believe how fast it’s gone by. It’s time to start targeting my weak areas in terms of subject matter and test area. For me that means more time spent on multiple choice questions and areas of law like civil procedure, trusts and wills, and evidence.

Doing 100 questions in 3 hours may not seem hard but the pressure of the time will be evident during the actual exam. Some friends mention the stress of trying to do questions while timing themselves on a watch or clock. I’m happy I’m not sitting with a time keeping device glancing over to see where in the 108 seconds I find myself. One of my favorite features of the BarMax multiple-choice section of their app, is the MBE timer bar. While in study mode, a blue bar slowly scrolls across the bottom of the screen. It’s right there in front of my face while I answer the question. Once the time on a question has run out, the screen flashes white and then question reappears. In test mode, I feel like the timed element is becoming second nature and I can almost see the bar as I do questions outside of study mode and I always come in under the time limit. I feel like it has helped remove a small bit of stress, when so much of the stress of the bar, and any law school exam for that matter revolves, around the time limits.



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