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Bar Exam


So much to learn and so little time left to learn it. But everyone is in the same boat. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s all about focusing in at this stage and studying according to your needs. Chatted with one of my roommates last night as she sat in front of her stack of books. I picked up one of the outline books and started flipping though it and it looked like it was being opened for the first time. I asked when she was planning to go through the material and she told me wouldn’t. She’s sticking with the mini outline. She also hasn’t picked up any of the other supplemental books she bought. There’s just too much information to manage in 8 weeks and I agree.

Clearly bar exam prep is big business and companies justify their large fees by showing you how much material they provide you with. Walk into any bookstore or browse Amazon and see how many publishers put out prep material. Book after book. Flashcards, outlines, something for everybody. That’s why it’s key to pick what works for you. Use a prescribed plan, but deviate as you see fit, otherwise it’s counterproductive if there is no way anyone can actually go through the material. You will just add to the pressure building up towards the exam. I actually have a classmate that is studying right now for the February bar exam because he doesn’t feel he can learn all the material in the 8 weeks.



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