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Customer support in a flash

I had my first experience with BarMax customer support the other day and it went well. I was doing MBE questions in answer-review mode and there was no way to get back to the main screen without restarting my iPad. I sent support an email, and the same day they replied saying they sent an update to Apple that should be available for download. And there it is. Update downloaded.

Overall, I’ve been happy with the content and the way BarMax presents material. It definitely fits my style of studying and I haven’t had the urge to get additional books or outlines, with one exception. The flash card component of BarMax. You see the “front” of the flash card, and then touch a button at the bottom to see the “back.” You see both the front and the back at the same time and can then score it as correct or not for future review. Just like with the MBE questions, you can tally your totals to see where you are in the various subjects.

Maybe it’s the visual representation. Since the flash cards are truncated portions of the outline they are visually formatted as such with roman numeral, letter and number headings. Again, from a content perspective the material is fine, but from a visual standpoint, I prefer losing the outline style and simply seeing a large title/section heading on the front of a flash card, with a bulleted description on the back. And while you can make notes or highlight on the outlines in BarMax, you can’t do that…yet…on the flash card screens. At this point in my last week of studying I don’t really want to toggle back and forth from outlines and flash cards. I want the flash card content with the ability to highlight and notate.

So I purchased a set of flash cards from Critical Pass for a budget-fitting $50. One of the founders is a graduated classmate, and that’s how I heard about the company. They only cover the MBE subjects, so I’m still using BarMax for other areas, but the cards look the way I want them to look and allow you to make notes on the side of the card. If BarMax made a few tweaks to the flash cards in future additions (and they are constantly improving and updating as they go), the flash card part of program would be great. Time to send another email to customer support.



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