As a recent graduate of UC Davis School of Law, I decided to look for an alternative to one of the expensive bar exam prep courses. My research led me to BarMax, which uses an iPhone/iPod or iPad to deliver all its content. So I decided to try out their MPRE app first (it’s a free app available on iTunes) and was impressed by the quality and use of technology. Afterwards, I searched the internet looking for first-person accounts from people who used the program to pass the bar. Other than reviews on iTunes, I wasn’t able to find much of anything. I noticed on the BarMax website that they were looking for campus reps. In exchange for promoting BarMax at your law school, you can earn money for each person that signs up as well as get the course for free. But with only 2 months left in the semester I didn’t know how successful I could be as a rep, so I came up with another idea that BarMax liked.

Instead of trying to sell the app by telling students about the content and features THEY would experience over the summer, without having experienced it myself at that point, I’m blogging about my actual experience as I study for the July 2011 bar exam. I’m using the app with the expectation of passing (I don’t know of anyone that would want to do this twice) and hopefully this account will offer an insightful opinion and allow others a chance to see that there are alternatives to the big prep classes. I’ll also continue scouring the web for other insightful bar prep commentary, with the idea that this blog may help future bar exam takers. I’m not employed by BarMax nor am I selling copies of the app through this blog, so I’m not making any money on any potential converts out there. But BarMax graciously agreed to give me a copy of the app for free as they do with their campus reps. So I went out and bought myself an iPad 2 (I want to experience this on the big screen of course) and away we go.



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