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Bar exam day…or days, begins tomorrow. The moment we’ve all been looking at on our calendars for weeks and now that it’s here. Fittingly, the library is empty as summer school for the undergrads is winding down, and most people are long since over studying for the test. I’m just doing some quick review today. … Continue reading

Customer support in a flash

I had my first experience with BarMax customer support the other day and it went well. I was doing MBE questions in answer-review mode and there was no way to get back to the main screen without restarting my iPad. I sent support an email, and the same day they replied saying they sent an … Continue reading


Getting down to the last few weeks of bar study. As with everything else I can’t believe how fast it’s gone by. It’s time to start targeting my weak areas in terms of subject matter and test area. For me that means more time spent on multiple choice questions and areas of law like civil … Continue reading

BarMax on the road

I decided to spend this past weekend in Los Angeles before life gets too crazy too quickly. What about bar study you ask? Well thanks to BarMax, I simply plugged my iPad into the auxiliary port in my car stereo, and listened to lectures on the drive down and back. From Davis it’s a good … Continue reading

iPad arrival means BarMax begins

The best visual reference I can offer between BarMax and BarBri is in the difference between the box that arrived addressed to me and the one that arrived addressed to my roommates. If I was doing BarMax on an iPod the box would have been even smaller. Setting up my iPad starts with downloading the … Continue reading

Law School is officially over.

I have officially graduated from law school. That’s me in the 10th row in the black gown and hat. And so it begins. My long anticipated bar exam preparations. Most law students don’t really think about the bar exam during the 3 years of school, except when it comes to the lunches sponsored by BarBri, … Continue reading

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